The heart of skateboarding has always been to bring us together; from different cultures, opinions, ages and sexes. It shows us all our strengths and gives us stamina, tolerance, enthusiasm and optimism. Skateboarding is always constantly and positively at our side, teaches us how to get through the downs of our lives and also how to enjoy the ups. It especially enables us to overcome the superficial society and become free of its predigudius and necessity.


It`s an important part of our lives, which makes us stronger and let us grow inwardly, which supports our personality, so we become more individual and feel free instead of limited. In these time where skateboarding is accepted and becomes bigger, where kids start to get pro, while we`re waiting on the starting blocks with our movement. Excited by the small achievements and motivated to reach out for bigger things. Far away from "Big Business" and "Sponsoring-pressure", the soul of skateboarding is here still where it belongs to. On the streets; not in the wallets of a few business men!!


Cheers Skateboards has been brought to life, so the "little sisters" of skateboarding can grow, become stronger in any style and this side of skateboarding setting a new view angle with history and level. In this spirit,




CHEERS Skateboards - Welcome Clip 2011 from Cheers Skateboards on Vimeo.

Thanks for Support:


My parents and friends, Chris Krosch and Christoph Schröder (you´re the best), the Urban Supplies Crew, Lorraine Obst, Henning Tappert, Nico Hilario, Patrick Fuchs, Felix Zenker, Karl Knoop, Josef Zahlauer, all of my skatedudes, the Cheers team for the motivation and everyone who helped to make this real.

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